About our lashes

Iconic Lash Lounge only uses quality faux-mink lashes that come in a variety of lengths and widths to match your personal style.



How can I prepare for my lash appointment?:

Please arrive to you lash appointment with clean lashes by thoroughly cleansing your eyes/lashes with an oil free cleanser. Please do not wear mascara or any eye makeup, we want to spend as much time as we can making your lashes full and flawless, not removing makeup. Please also refrain from curling your lashes prior to your appointment. Keep in mind that if you wear contacts we will ask you to remove them before settling in for your lash nap.


Allergic reactions do happen but are usually rare. Eye infections due to improperly washing and caring for your lashes tend to be more common. We will thoroughly go over your intake form to try to catch any contraindications before your lash appointment. If for any reason you do have an allergic reaction after receiving eyelash extensions, we will remove your lashes free of charge