What Is Lash Shedding Season?



By: Sandra Guarriello

 Pumpkin spice and everything nice . For most, the crisp air and the nostalgic scents of cinnamon apple mean that arguable one of the most loved seasons of all time is approaching, fall. For lash artists, these signs mean that a different season is approaching, one that probably won’t give you the same warm tingly feeling inside that a late night campfire would.. the dreaded LASH SHEDDING SEASON.

    So what exactly is “lash shedding season” anyway? While there’s many different thoughts on what exactly causes fall shed, the one thing that we do know is that with the change of seasons comes changes to our body and we’re not just talking about your fading tan-lines. During this time of year your body is transitioning from summer to fall and hair growth cycles are sped up from the hair on your head all the way to your precious lashes. All hair follicles go through three different stages of growth: anagen (baby lashes), catagen (adult lashes) &  telogen (senior lashes). Once your lashes reach the telogen stage they shed out and a baby lash grows in to take its place. During a normal shedding cycle you can shed on average one to five lashes a day. Ever find a lash on your cheek as a kid and make a wish? That’s because we constantly have lashes in all different phases of growth. During the lash shed season it’s common for shedding cycles to double before slowing down and leveling out again.


The 3 Stages Of Lash Growth

 So what does this mean for our Iconic babes? Being that lash extensions are adhered to your natural lash, your lash extensions will most likely shed out much quicker than you’re used to. It’s not uncommon to find lashes laying on your cheeks, on your pillow case, in your morning coffee ( kidding, but not really), literally everywhere. Remember, your lashes are shedding at double the rate that you’re used to. A lot of times lash artists may hear “My lashes shed so much quicker this time.” “They didn’t last as long as I’m used to.” or “I followed all of the rules and they’re still falling out” First things first : Don’t panic, we promise you- this too shall pass. The truth is, it’s not your fault that your lashes are shedding and it’s not your lash artist’s fault either. Lash shedding season shows no mercy and the best thing you can do is weather the storm.

   While there’s really not much we can do to stop the shedding, there’s definitely precautions we can take to ensure we’re not adding to it. First, be sure to book your appointments accordingly. If you’re booking three week fills, try switching to two week fills for the season. Second, absolutely no eye makeup. I know this one is easier said than done, and that mascara bug comes around once your lashes start shedding but honestly, anything with oils near the eyes will break down your adhesive that much quicker and even if you’re using oil free products you’re still packing on *product* near the lashes which usually entails some type of rubbing to remove. In my professional opinion, clients who wear no makeup have much better retention, much healthier lashes, and much quicker fills than those who pack on the liner and shadow. Last but not least, no touching! No face planting into your pillow at night, no rubbing, no picking, no tugging, no twirling, no touching, like, at all. Seriously though, the less friction the better, so before you go to pick at that gap or rub those baby blues, really think twice about it. 

Although shedding season isn’t ideal, like I said before, don’t panic - it’ll be over before you know it. If you have any concerns you can always speak to an Iconic lash expert or book a complimentary consultation. Many times our lash experts will suggest a lighter or shorter extension to accommodate your natural lashes as they grow and shed. At the end of the day, your lash health is always our top priority.

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